We are open and offer virtual & phone consultations each day. Please email your request or phone +44 7864 351046 and we will schedule you in.


Information for patients

Appointments are generally 30 minutes with our specialists. After a discussion of the symptoms he/ she will examine you/ your child and then may perform further procedures necessary.

For younger children and babies it is recommended that parents bring toys, bottles of milk, food etc as distraction. At most clinics there is a DVD available. Please bring the child's favourite if you think helpful.

After the investigations your specialist will discuss the results, conclusions and if needed treatment plan.


The account needs to be settled on the day of the visit:

Insured patients
Please supply the policy number and authorisation number at the visit and every subsequent visit. We will then directly bill your insurance company. If you have an excess then you will need to settle the difference yourselves.

Embassy patients
Please bring a letter of guarantee comprising consultation and investigations

Self funded
Please settle the account directly by credit card, debit card, UK cheque or cash.

Please note that whilst we bill the insurance companies on your behalf, any shortfall, and indeed the costs themselves will remain yours.