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World class care
for the ear, nose
& throat

Here at ENT.expert we focus on providing world class care to our patients. Our approach is holistic, looking after all ear, nose and throat conditions whilst caring for the patient as a whole. We look after both adults and children and can manage all ENT conditions. We have a wide network of related specialties which empowers our patient to be able to access the best care delivered anywhere in the world.

Conditions evaluated and treated:

  • All types of rhinitis, whether allergic or otherwise
  • Sinus complaints on its own or with co-existing asthma or other respiratory conditions
  • Septal deviation
  • Aesthetic nasal advice and surgery
  • Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea
  • All general paediatrics including: tonsillitis, adenoidal complaints, glue ear, hearing loss
  • All types of voice complaints: we particularly look after singers

Screening for:

  • Hearing loss in both adults and children
  • Nasal conditions in athletes
  • Laryngeal conditions in athletes